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Sea Burials In A Dignified Manner

Scattering your loved ones ashes, after a ride to the approved offshore location.  You are welcome to do a Memorial reading while at Sea, play some of the loved ones favorite music, look over memorable pictures, scatter the ashes, and distribute flowers to your guests to accompany the ashes at the Sea Burial site. A private family time or a more formal setting with your Priest/Pastor is also possible.  We work around your requests.  A Sea Burial typically runs $600 for up to 47 Passengers.  Cruising to a specific location off the Jersey Coast can run extra depending on the location and additional time required to reach that destination. 

Typically Sea Burials are a mid/late afternoon Cruise

The Sea Burials can be taken after a Luncheon at a nearby Restaurant or before a Dinner.  Departure Time is usually 4pm - 6pm and the round trip lasts just over an hour.  Call the Office to discuss availability and your private requests.  732-370-8019