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Cod, Ling & Pollock

 Whooo Hooo! ☀️Lovin this milder weather...
Capt. Kenny wants to keep on Fishing while the weather is cooperating ☀️and the fish are still biting!!

 Special Cod, Ling, Pollock Saturday 2/29
15 man max, $120 Fare, 6am departure, Clams included

Blackfishing, Cod, Ling Open Boat
Limited to just 25 man max (licensed to carry double that so NO overcrowding!)
Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23, Tuesday 25, Thursday 27th
25 man max, $80 Fare 7am departure
Green Crabs, Clams included, White crabs available

Blackfish, Cod, Ling Special Limited to 12 passengers
Monday 24th, Weds 26th, Friday 28th
6:30am departure, $120 Fare, ALL Crabs and Clams included

Call 732-370-8019 to reserve your spots!!




Looking for Deep Sea Fishing out of Pt. Pleasant Beach?

We currently have the Silverton Fishing Club who often takes a fishing charter for deep sea fishing looking for Members, thinking of joining a Club? Silverton has the following dates reserved on the Mimi;

We fish for striped bass, blue fish, fluke, flounder,
sea bass, cod and ling, depending on what is open season and biting.
For more info, contact one of the following:
Steve     732-604-2621
Fred     732- 600-3247 


A Recent Email we Received;

 "I want to thank you and your mate  for the great time you showed our fishing club last Saturday! I can  speak for most of us when I say it was as always the best fishing boat  we have ever chartered. You go above and beyond what a captain does on  any other boat, and other fishermen say the same about you as well! I  look forward to seeing you next year and hope you have a great and safe  holiday!"  John P. 

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